Using AI to discover real meaning in textual content

With unstructured data growing at 80% per year, it is increasingly difficult to extract meaningful knowledge from information, particularly with pure search technologies no longer being fit for purpose. Sentience specialise in text based data analysis, taking the millions of documents from myriad unstructured data sources, extracting insight and presenting it in an easy to digest visual form.



Beyond Search – Research

Pure search technologies fail because the use of specific terms is limiting. The most relevant content may not use the terms an individual is searching for. Ever changing context means finding relevant content is increasingly difficult. People want to connect concepts and get information relevant to their query instantly.

Knowledge Graphs provide a critical first step towards building this next generation of search. Today, Google is probably the best example of a Knowledge Graph.


The Sentience AI Research Platform The Sentience AI Research Platform The Sentience AI Research Platform

Transforming data into personalised, contextualised insight

The Sentience Platform builds a Knowledge Graph that is not about the facts that Google learn, but the relationships between topics and concepts.

While the Google Knowledge Graph promotes general knowledge, Sentience becomes wholly brand-centric. It learns about the sector and brand, prioritising this above the meaning of commonly known concepts.

Tapping into the collective intelligence of myriad private and public data sources as well as the web, Sentience adds all important context and personalisation. This enables the surfacing of relevant information and connections that would previously have gone undiscovered.


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